Celina Dentist Explains Obstructive Sleep Apnea

People who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may have to deal with a daily struggle of all-day exhaustion. OSA is not just an annoying condition, but a potentially life threatening one. Driving while exhausted, for example, is thought of as being equally as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Your sharpness while working, desire to exercise and eat healthy, ability to rear children in a consistent and patient manner – all of these daily tasks can be completely challenging when you are sleep deprived. Since pervasive snoring and OSA often go hand-in-hand, and OSA can be a dangerous (even life threatening) condition, Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, will relate the two conditions.

Explanation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

OSA occurs because the tissues in the throat area collapse and block your airways while you sleep. This can be a result of the structure and size of your tonsils or adenoids. OSA can also be caused by your bone structure in your head and neck. People who are overweight or obese often tend to be at higher risk of OSA because of an excess of fat tissues. When those tissues cause the blockage, you stop breathing until your body sends a signal to your brain to suddenly wake you up. These continual arousals can occur hundreds of times each night in someone with OSA, causing a very unsatisfying night of sleep.. OSA has been linked to high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks.

Relating Snoring to OSA

Snoring is a result of a partial collapse of tissues, so it’s not necessarily as detrimental as OSA, but can certainly be a precursor. When a more limited amount of air is able to pass through this partial airway, a loud and distracting series of sounds known as snoring can occur. This partial collapse only requires a shift of position, or a few more extra pounds, and your snoring can easily transition into a full blockage of the air passage. If you have a serious snoring problem, or you suspect obstructive sleep apnea, you should visit your general physician and/or Celina dentist.

Celina Dentist Offers Help for Snoring and OSA

If you are concerned with OSA, Dr. Ganjoor may suggest visiting a physician for a sleep study and verification of the diagnosis. Sleep issues can typically be resolved with an oral device that holds the jaw slightly forward and keeps airways clear. To schedule an appointment with our 75009 dentist office with Dr. Ganjoor call (214) 851-0130. Located in the 75009 area, we serve patients of all ages from Celina, Prosper, McKinney, Frisco, Anna, Pilot Point, and the surrounding areas.