Prosper, TX Dentist Offers Thorough Dental Checkups

XrayIf you are due for a dental checkup, it’s understandable that you might want to go to an office that can offer you the newest and best in dental technology. With state-of-the-are dental tools and equipment,  Prosper, TX dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, would be happy to provide the place that you impart your dental needs. Not only will we provide you with a thorough dental cleaning and checkup to ensure healthy teeth and gums, but we can evaluate details about your oral health to make more accurate diagnoses and recommendations for treatment. Read today’s blog to learn more about the technology we have embraced.

Digital Dental and Cone Beam X-rays

Dental x-rays offer a behind-the-scenes view of your mouth. As skilled as a dentist is at looking at your mouth to examine your teeth, x-rays allow your dental teem to check the internal parts of your mouth that are not visible to the naked eye. Digital x-rays give off 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays, and they are ready to be viewed the second they are taken.

Your Prosper, TX dentist also utilizes 3D Cone Beam X-rays to view your underlying bone and tissue structure. This is an especially invaluable tool when a patient opts for dental implants, has a root fracture, needs an endodontic procedures, or a tooth extraction. Cone Beam x-rays can also help in identifying temporomandibular joint disorder.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are an important part of dental checkups. Oral cancer has a high survival rate –  50 to 80 percent – when caught early. Detection can be challenging, however, because the first sign of oral cancer is often a small sore or bump that many patients write off as a canker sore. Dr. Ganjoor is trained to identify suspicious sores, and will also use the VELscope tool to further evaluate your mouth for possible malignancies. The VELscope scans your mouth with a blue light that can highlight areas of concern. The whole test is comfortable and fast, taking only about two minutes.

Dental Checkups from Prosper, TX Dentist

Our advancements and dental technology can help protect your mouth by detecting problems earlier and more accurately. These precise dental tools can also help our patients feel more relaxed, comfortable, confident, and protected. Call (214) 851-0130 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ganjoor at our 75009 dentist office. We welcome patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, Anna, Pilot Point, McKinney, and other nearby communities.