Start the Summer with Clean and Bright Teeth in Celina, TX

White Teeth CoupleIf you are planning a big summer full of travel, swimming, barbecues, and plenty of fun in the sun, looking good in a bathing suit may not be your only physical concern. A happy, healthy, bright, and confident smile is a sure-fire way to make a great impression to others, no matter what season is upon us. The best time to embark upon teeth whitening is after a dental checkup and cleaning. You want to be sure that you have a clean bill of dental healthy before exposing your teeth and gums to bleaching chemicals. Your Celina, TX cosmetic dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, will tell you more.

Foundation for Successful Teeth Whitening

Before embarking upon any cosmetic dental procedures, it’s essential that you have a healthy and strong foundation.  This starts with you and your dental hygiene routine. Self-care should include brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Toothpaste should be fluoridated. Be sure to floss at least once each day. If you are doing all of these things, you are half way there. Don’t forget to keep up with dental checkups every six months.  A dental checkup and cleaning will ensure that gum disease and tooth decay are kept at bay. If treatment is necessary, Dr. Ganjoor can let you know how long you should wait before exposing your teeth to any cosmetic dental procedures. Otherwise, you’re ready for teeth whitening.

A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Many patients complain of stained teeth when they come in for a checkup. Some staining is natural over time. Habits such as tobacco, coffee drinking, and consuming a lot of red wine can expedite the discoloration process. If stains are making your smile dull, your Celina, TX cosmetic dentist can offer LumiBrite in-office teeth-whitening to patients. The time required to effectively brighten your smile will be approximately an hour. This innovative whitening procedure can brighten your smile up to ten impressive shades.

Dental Checkups and Teeth Whitening in Celina, TX

If you are due for a dental checkup or you are interested in teeth whitening, your cosmetic dentist in Celina, TX would be happy to help. You can reach our 75009 dental office at (214) 851-0130. We are happy to serve people in Celina, Prosper, and surrounding communities.