Celina Dentist Challenges You to Dental Quiz

TrueFalseBlackboxThroughout history, there has been a lot of trial and error in dentistry. Did you know that toothpaste has only been around for about one century? Before that, a variety of surprising substances such as chalk, charcoal, lemon juice, and even tobacco mixed with honey, were used as oral hygiene products.  Your Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor would like to challenge you to a true-or-false quiz on some intriguing dental facts that will make you a big hit at the next party you attend.


Q1. True or false:  Half of Americans squeeze their toothpaste tubes from the middle.

Q2. True or false: At one point in history, Chinese women dyed their teeth black to show loyalty to their husbands.

Q3. True or False – The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Q4. True or false – Horses teeth are continually growing.


A1. FALSE – One third of people squeeze their toothpaste tubes from the middle, whether it drives their significant other crazy or not.

A2. FALSE – It was Japanese women who used to dye their teeth black to show solidarity with their spouses. A Chinese dental tradition is a national holiday called Love Your Teeth Day.

A3. TRUE – Dr. Albert Southwick was a dentist that happened to see a man touch the terminals of an electric generator in Buffalo, New York. Southwick was astounded by how quickly the man died, and noted that he didn’t appear to experience any pain. Dr. Southwick was a friend of State Senator David McMillan, and through his political connections, he was appointed to a commission created in 1886 to analyze execution methods.

A4. TRUE – Horses have extremely long teeth that are constantly growing. As they get worn down, and new parts of the tooth emerge, the horse teeth change shape and color. Because of this, we can tell a horse’s age by looking at their teeth.

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