Celina Dentist Partners with Patients for Early Oral Cancer Diagnoses

SmilingGroupEarly detection of any malignancies is an imperative part of complete recovery.  Oral cancer has a 50 to 80 percent survival rate if you are diagnosed when it’s just beginning. Your dentist will check your mouth for suspicious spots, ulcers, or lesions at your six month checkups. Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, explains the importance of oral cancer screenings and what they entail.

Identifying Oral Cancer Signs

You are bound to have bumps, canker sores, cuts, and unusual spots in your mouth at various times throughout your life. Don’t panic that every suspicious spot means cancer. Usually, the sore will be benign. Still, mouth lesions are one common way for your dentist to identify early cancer. If a bump persists, is particularly sore, seems to heal but then comes back, or looks unusual compared to anything you’ve ever experienced, you should call your Celina dentist and describe your symptoms. Dr. Ganjoor will take a conservative approach in deciding when you should come in to see her.

Examination with a VELscope Tool

Bi-annual checkups are the time for your dentist to take stock of the health of your mouth. Dr. Ganjoor will do a visual examination every time, but there are also helpful instruments to detect oral and pharyngeal cancer early. A VELscope tool scans your mouth with a blue-spectrum light. This will turn soft tissues visually fluorescent. The patterns that appear under the light will tell the story of whether or not you have any abnormal mouth tissues. VELscopes are safe, fast, and comfortable. The entire VELscope examination will be over in two minutes.

Oral Cancer Concerns? Contact Your Celina Dentist

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