Dental Implants: The Most Life-Like Tooth Replacement says Prosper Dentist

Aging CoupleLife is just not the same without teeth. You can try to survive when dental loss befalls you, but what will your quality of life really be like if you have nothing to smile with, nothing to chew with, nothing to keep your jawbone dense and healthy. Teeth do more than just show others that your happy.  If you want to preserve your looks and the function of your teeth, you’ll want to consider replacement options. You do have several, but arguably, the most natural, tooth-like prospect would be dental implant retained dentures. Your Prosper dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, would like to tell you more about what many people simply refer to as dental implants.

Natural and Realistic Replacement

Your teeth are more complicated than they may appear at first sight. There is much more going on below the gumline than the simple crown that you see when you smile, laugh, or speak. Sealed in by your gums is a lower region called dental pulp which is comprised of roots, nerves, and other important tissues that keep your teeth strong, healthy, and sufficiently supplied with minerals and nutrients. Dental implants are comprised of a combination of biocompatible titanium rods that act as root replacements and prosthetic dental crowns that act as tooth replacements. The full name of dental implant retained dentures refers to this total package.

Facial Collapse Woes

When a tooth dies in its entirety, your body no longer receives signals from the roots for nourishment. This means that your jawbone density will gradually deplete. This will take a toll on the strength and structure of your face. When this phenomena occurs, your Prosper dentist will diagnose it as facial collapse. Many times people who wear dentures for long periods end up with facial collapse because there is not replacement to their roots. Unfortunately, opting for dental implants after you have already succumb to facial collapse can require jawbone grafts – an extra surgical step. The best case is to replace missing teeth with dental implants before this happens.

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