Quiz: How a Root Canal Can Save Your Smile


Have you ever heard of a root canal? At some point, you’ve probably heard stories about his common and safe dental procedure. Often, a root canal is all that stands between you and possible tooth extraction. In fact, root canal therapy can help you maintain the health and stability of your smile.

Celina Root Canal Quiz

1. True or False: Toothaches are a symptom of an infected tooth.

2. True or False: Without treatment, an infected tooth may require extraction.

3. True or False: A root canal addresses an abscessed or infected tooth.

4. True or False: A dental crown restores a tooth following a root canal.

Answer Key

1. True. An infection often begins as a cavity, one that continues to spread until reaching the sensitive inner pulp of your tooth. Once bacteria collide with the pulp, an infection begins. You may notice a toothache, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, fever, and a sharp pain when biting down or chewing.

2. True. The infection may cause the pulp to die. The pulp oversees the flow of blood and nutrients to and from the tooth. The death of the pulp equals the death of your entire tooth. When this occurs, your Celina TX dentist may need to extract the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading to surrounding teeth.

3. True. Your Celina TX dentist will first open the tooth and remove the infected tissue. She will then clean and disinfect the root canals, placing a filling material inside the tooth.

4. True. To complete the process, a dental crown will be placed over the visible portion of the tooth. With a dental crown, your tooth will look and function as a natural tooth.

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