Determining the Cause of a Sudden Toothache

SinusPainSniffles and sneezes…is that a cold coming on? Or is it allergies? Or something worse? Sometimes the irritation that comes from allergies or illness even comes along with a toothache. Undergoing x-rays and a thorough examination from Celina dentistDr. Angela Ganjoor is the best first step to uncover why your body is giving you the warning sign of discomfort or pain. Sometimes symptoms crossover and cause confusion, as can be the case with toothaches which are actually caused by sinus infections.

Close Neighbors: Sinuses and Teeth

Some people are highly prone to sinus infections. Your sinus membranes are internal. If you could see them, however, they would look very similar to the inside of your mouth with a pink, moist tissue lining. Located beneath your cheekbones, but above your teeth, are the maxillary sinuses. Upper molars have roots which run right along the floor of your sinuses. The membranes press directly on the nerves which run through the root canals of your teeth. This means that if you have a sinus infection, it can easily be confused for a toothache. If Dr. Ganjoor cannot find a cause for your toothache, she may recommend that you head to your general physician to get your sinuses checked.

What Should You Do?

If you have a toothache of any sort which seems unusual or lasts longer than a day or two, contact Dr. Ganjoor and describe your symptoms. She will probably want to see you for an examination to determine whether or not a dental issue is responsible. Beyond sinus infections, tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses, teeth grinding, cracks, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) are all possible toothache causes which require treatment from a dentist.

Visit your Celina Dentist

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