Achieving Longevity for your Bright Smile after Teeth Whitening

men vs womenCelina dentistDr. Angela Ganjoor offers cosmetic services which can brighten your smile. However, once you leave our  office, you will need to follow specific care instructions and change some old habits if you want to avoid damaging your newly refreshed smile. Although periodic professional bleaching touch-ups may be required, proper maintenance at home will keep your smile bright between whitening appointments.

After In-Office Whitening

Dr. Ganjoor offers the LumiBrite in-office whitening system designed to brighten your smile in just one hour. After you leave our office, we recommend the following techniques to preserve your gorgeous smile:

  • Avoid colored foods and drinks for at least 48 hours. Your teeth are rendered vulnerable until the whitening gel has had enough time to penetrate your tooth enamel. Especially try to avoid consuming coffee, tea, soda, red wine, sauces, and other tooth-staining items.
  • When drinking beverages other than water, use a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth.
  • Gingerly brush your teeth after eating and drinking to remove any potential stains. However, make sure that you don’t brush too aggressively or you could damage tooth enamel.
  • Drink plenty of water and seek out clear or light colored beverages such as white wine, milk, or apple juice.

Proper Care for Whitened Teeth

If you are using trays to whiten your teeth at home, our team will take the time to  discuss your home care and maintenance plan before you even start your whitening treatment. Our hygienists will show you how to wear and fit your tray, how much whitening agent to use, how long to wear your trays, and how to avoid tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Begin wearing your trays for three minutes a day, for about two week. During this period, try to avoid consuming darkly pigmented foods and drinks and gently brush your teeth after eating. Store your whitening gel in the refrigerator for longest lasting results. Use your whitening trays to touch up your smile after your dental cleanings every six months, when you have the cleanest, smoothest palate to work with. If you experience sensitivity of your teeth, switch your schedule to whiten every other day instead of daily.

Visit your Celina Dentist

Following Dr. Ganjoor’s post-operative whitening directions will help prolong the beautiful color of your teeth. If you have any questions about what to do after your dental procedure, please call our office at (214) 851-0130. Celina Family Dentistry welcomes patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, Anna, Pilot Point, McKinney, and other nearby communities.