What You’re Getting With FASTBRACES®

woman smilingMisaligned or crooked teeth may plague your smile. Most people find it embarrassing to have uneven teeth when smiling or speaking, causing insecurity and a motive to not engage the people around them. To correct someone’s smile, the unsightly look of metal braces may cause individuals to retreat further into shame, since they don’t want to spend two years with metal in their mouth. Fortunately, Dr. Ganjoor at Celina Family Dentistry in Celina, Tx offers what’s called FASTBRACES®, a system that moves not only the crowns of teeth but also the roots, reducing the duration of time  worn significantly.

Straight Your Teeth

Dental technology is constantly advancing to provide effective resolutions and quality results for patients looking to correct their smile. FASTBRACES® offers a special bracket that moves the crowns and roots simultaneously, cutting the time nearly in half compared to metal braces when realigning your smile.

Also, a high majority of patients have been noted as complaining less than patients wearing traditional braces during the teeth straightening process. Sensitivity may occur, but those wearing FASTBRACES® mention the significantly less.

Fear Vs. Fact

Some patients question the quickness of moving teeth around too quickly. This is the case with the traditional metal brace method, since the system only leverages the crowns of the teeth and not the roots, too. FASTBRACES® utilizes nearly the whole tooth for safe, incremental movement that reduces time worn and offers the same, straight results.

You Choose

As a dental professional, Dr. Ganjoor will always offer her professional opinion during an orthodontic treatment. The goal for any patient is to straighten their teeth to look more beautiful. However, your local Celina, Tx dentist will offer you whatever options are applicable to your case, which means you have a choice on how your smile is going to change for the better.


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