How Much Do You Know About White Fillings?

White Fillings How Much Do You KnowEven the most careful brushers among us may have a tooth (or two) with a filling. For many years, silver-colored dental amalgam was used almost exclusively when repairing a cavity or other breach in tooth enamel. Now, however, all-white fillings, made of a composite dental resin, are available, and preferred by many dentists and patients. These fillings are an excellent choice in many restorative dental procedures. Cosmetic procedures also benefit from the fact that white fillings blend invisibly into a smile.

True or False: White Fillings are Actually White

FALSE: White fillings are also called “tooth colored fillings” because they are blended to mimic natural tooth color. We use a shade guide to create a filling color that closely matches the surrounding tooth enamel. Teeth can come in many shades of white, and some range from having hints of reddish brown, to slight gray tones.

True or False: Once In Place, A White Filling Should Get the Same Care as Your Natural Teeth

TRUE: A white filling is hardened with a specialized light, and permanently fused to your tooth. It will be difficult or impossible to differentiate from the natural tooth area, and it should get the same care. That means brushing and flossing regularly and refraining from tooth-stressing habits like chewing on ice. You will also want to watch out for foods that can discolor teeth, as they will eventually discolor the filled area as well.

True or False: A White Filling Covers the Tooth

FALSE: White fillings are used to patch a portion of a damaged tooth, and while they do support the tooth structure, they do not entirely cover the tooth. If the whole tooth needs strengthening, we will discuss options with you. A procedure such as a crown, or other dental restoration may be a better option in some cases.

We look forward to seeing you for regularly scheduled cleanings and checkups, and at some point should a filling be necessary, it is reassuring to know it can blend in with your smile.


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