Checkups and Cleanings as Back-to-School Routine

Back to School Dental CheckupsHas it been a busy summer? So busy, you may have been a bit lax when it comes to your kids’ oral care? In particularly hectic times of life, dental care can tend to fall off the daily to-do list. But, now that the kids are getting ready to go back to school, it’s time to get back to the dentist, too. Regular checkups and cleanings are the best way to prevent dental problems from forming, as well as to tackle any existing conditions early on, before more extensive work becomes necessary.

Avoiding The Dreaded Cavity

Cavities are the most common dental problem to plague young people. Kids can be prone to cavities based on hereditary, diet, and poor hygiene habits. But teaching them great habits at-home, and taking them for regular checkups and cleanings, can help prevent unnecessary decay. Plus, even if your kids still have their baby teeth, learning good oral care habits now will help set them up for a lifetime enjoying healthy smiles.

What Else You Can Do

In addition to cleanings, making sure they drink plenty of water can help protect their teeth, by rinsing away other foods and sugary drinks before they can damage their enamel. Keep in mind that even fruit juices tend to be incredibly high in sugar. Natural or not, sugar can create an acidic environment, which is what leads so many kids (and adults) to develop cavities.

If your children’s dentist does detect a cavity, during a cleaning, he or she can advise you whether treatment will be necessary. The dentist may also recommend fluoride treatments to protect your kids’ teeth.

Finally, try brushing your teeth with your kids, so they can see proper technique and begin emulating it. Making teeth brushing a fun part of your daily routine can help set your kids up for great, lifelong habits of caring for their smiles.