Facts and Myths: Root Canal Treatments

mythsfactsscaleDo you currently need a root canal treatment to restore the health of your tooth and protect your oral health? Perhaps you are too uneasy about scheduling your visit because you have heard a lot of conflicting information about root canals over the years. We find time and time again that patients enter our office with a lot of misinformation. Rather than allowing myths to stand in the way of receiving dental care, we encourage you to learn the truth. Consider some myths (and the corresponding facts), so you have a much clearer understanding of this exceptionally beneficial and comfortable procedure.

Facts and Myths About Root Canals

Myth: Root canal treatments are extremely uncomfortable. It’s worth the effort but it’s not going to be a good experience.

Fact: The treatment is comfortable. We will numb your tissues and also offer sedation, so you can feel completely at ease during your visit.

Myth: You are going to feel very uncomfortable after your root canal treatment.

Fact: A root canal will actually alleviate your short-term and long-term pain. An infected tooth typically feels quite sensitive and uncomfortable. The problem may lead to an even more uncomfortable abscess. We will remove the problematic tissue and infection, so your tooth feels good again. You may take pain relievers right after the treatment to relieve any immediate soreness that will quickly subside on its own.

Myth: Your tooth will be useless and unsightly after your root canal but at least you can avoid an extraction.

Fact: We save your tooth with root canal treatment so you may continue using it and so you will not have to resort to costly tooth replacement solutions. Fortunately, we will usually place a beautiful crown over your tooth, so your smile looks lovely and you can continue to use your tooth.