3 Reasons To Align Those Teeth

reasoncloudsIf you’re thinking about aligning your smile with orthodontic treatment, you may wonder if there’s really any decent reason to do so. Yes, you will feel better about the way your smile looks – but is that a good enough reason to follow through? According to our expert advice, yes – feeling exceptional about your outward appearance is extremely important for your confidence. However, if you are looking for reasons that are more closely linked to your wellbeing, we suggest you consider a few helpful ideas.

Reason #1: To Avoid Restorative Care

You might not recognize how much easier it is to keep an aligned smile clean – but it’s true. If you choose to move forward with orthodontic treatment, you will be saving yourself some anguish as well as extra effort. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to thoroughly clean, which means you can expect a greater chance of tooth decay (requiring restorative care) if you avoid aligning your smile.

Reason #2: To Avoid TMJ Disorder and Bruxism

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment can help you prevent serious functional disorders like TMJ disorder and bruxism, both of which are commonly caused (at least in part) by misalignment. What are these disorders? TMJ disorder is an issue that affects your jaw joints, which stop functioning correctly or comfortably. Bruxism is an issue that results in involuntary movement, including clenching or teeth grinding.

Reason #3: To Protect Your Teeth

If your teeth are consistently hitting one another due to overcrowding or other misalignment concerns, you may suffer from damage to your oral structures. Teeth may become chipped or fractured, you may end up with serious sensitivity, and you may even find that you cannot help irritate or injure your cheek or tongue tissue.