Is Bonding Right For You?

womanthinkingtankAre you under the impression that dental bonding is right for you – but you’re having a hard time distinguishing it from contouring? Perhaps you have realized that veneers can offer the same benefits (and more), so you are struggling to figure out what you actually need without becoming wowed and overwhelmed by amazing (but unnecessary) treatments. Let us step in for a moment to help you decide. Fortunately, figuring out whether bonding is suited to your smile needs is simple.

Do You Want More Dental Tissue?

What seems to be the problem with your smile? Are you unhappy with the way it looks because of small areas of minor damage – or because you never developed a sufficient amount of tissue in particular areas? If you want to accomplish one or more of the following by adding what looks like more tissue, then dental bonding is a good option:

  • You want to close a space between your teeth
  • You want a longer tooth (it currently looks shorter than the rest)
  • You want to hide a problem like a stain, chip, or crack

Do You Want To Do More?

Are you interested in the benefits of dental bonding but you feel like they don’t necessarily check off all of the boxes on your list of improvement plans? For instance, do you want to whiten your entire smile – not just a tooth or two? Do you want to improve the length of your teeth, the shape, fill spaces, smooth rough areas, and hide problems? Is this something affecting most of your teeth? If so, you don’t need bonding alone – you need to combine treatments (such as whitening, bonding, and contouring). Or, you may need porcelain veneers.