Can Professional Teeth Whitening Make a Big Difference?

Can Teeth Whitening Help You?Do you look in the mirror, and instantly notice the deep staining on your teeth? Over time, many people find that their smiles begin to look yellow, grey, or simply aged. Fortunately, in most cases it is possible to bring back the smile’s former brightness, namely through the use of a whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening is able to create noticeable results, quickly, making it ideal for patients wishing to achieve dramatically brighter teeth. So if you are ready to do something about your smile woes, and to start showing your pearly whites confidently, consider the benefits of choosing professional whitening treatment through a cosmetic dentist.

Unsatisfied with Over-the-counter Options?

One common reason people choose to pursue professional whitening treatment, is because they have been unhappy with over-the-counter options in the past. Most grocery stores and pharmacies have dental care aisles that are filled with numerous products that promise to lighten teeth. Unfortunately, all these products are not designed equally. Some are made to lighten teeth only slightly, over extended periods of use. Others spend such little time in contact with the teeth, that they are relatively ineffective at producing noticeable results.

What Makes Professional Whitening Different

Professional whitening, however, helps to break up surface stains, allowing for dramatic results. In fact, many patients enjoy smiles that are eight to ten shades brighter, after professional treatment. Perhaps best of all, the cosmetic dentist can help advise you how to prolong those results. By making smart dietary and dental hygiene choices, after you’ve reached your desired shade, you can help maintain your lovely smile moving forward!