Are Your Teeth In Need of Restoration?

Does Your Smile Need Restoration?Have you been experiencing discomfort when trying to enjoy your meals, lately? In fact, are you struggling to enjoy coffee breaks, at work, or shared desserts on date night, all because of heightened sensitivity or even discomfort related to a single or several of your teeth? Many people don’t realize that even sensitivity can be a symptom of a dental problem like a cavity. Chips and cracks can also create functional issues, as well as the cosmetic concerns. Fortunately, restorative dentistry makes it possible to bounce back from most dental issues, and often with seamless results for one’s smile. So, if you suspect your smile could be in need of restoration, now is a great time to talk to a restorative dentist about the beautiful and comfortable restorative options that are available.

Cavities Are Common, But Easily Addressed

Cavities are the most common dental issue, faced by both children and adults alike. In fact, some reports indicate that nearly 90 percent of American adults will struggle with dental caries, or cavities, as most people call them. Fortunately, modern tooth-colored fillings are a fast way to address most cavities, and they are designed to look natural, as well.

Fillings help seal a tooth against further exposure to food, air, and bacteria. This can help reduce discomfort, and also protect the tooth against infection.

Crowns Can Provide Versatile Protection

When teeth become chipped, cracked, or otherwise compromised, dentists frequently recommend dental crowns. Crowns are made to seal teeth, as well, however the materials used to craft crowns are even more durable than the resin used to create fillings.

This makes for long-lasting restorations.