Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Enjoy a Healthy SmileThe festive holiday season is in full swing now. How is your smile coping? Have one too many of Santa’s beloved cookies left you struggling with dental sensitivity, or are cups of cocoa causing you to wince? Many people overindulge in sweet treats during the holiday, and though cavities don’t occur overnight, prolonged exposure to sugar certainly increases one’s chance of developing dental decay. If you do find yourself starting the new year with a smile in need of restorative action, or just curious what more you can do to protect your smile in the coming year, consider these simple tips from your preventive dentist!

Watch What You Eat

Again, sugar is a leading culprit behind cavity development. That is because the bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar, so the more of it you consume the more likely you are to experience tartar buildup. Prevent this by eating a well-balanced diet, and making treats exactly that. Occasionally eating sugar won’t destroy your smile, but if you are eating or drinking a lot of it, on a daily basis, your smile is likely to begin showing signs of erosion.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is basically a smile’s best friend. That is because water is absolutely essential to oral health, as well as the rest of the body’s hydration. So if you want to enjoy good overall health in 2017, make sure you are drinking water throughout each day, and avoid sugary beverages, which spend a great deal of time on teeth, often leading to dental problems.

See the Dentist to Start the Year Right

Just remember, to enjoy optimal oral health, you should be visiting the dentist regularly for preventive dental checkups and cleanings, as well. Dental hygiene can help, but routine preventive appointments are still necessary to protecting the smile from decay and other issues, including gum disease. That is because professional cleanings are the only way calcified plaque buildup can be properly removed.

Also, if you suspect you have a dental problem, now, it is time to schedule a restorative dental appointment. Prompt treatment is the best way to prevent worsening issues for your oral health!