Get Your Filling Soon!

Do you need a dental filling? If your tooth is experiencing tooth decay and we have made a diagnosis, the answer to that question is a big, “Yes!” However, that does not necessarily mean you’ve gone ahead and scheduled your visit. If not, you may want to consider some reasons your hesitation (which may turn into serious procrastination) is a very bad idea! The sooner you come in and allow us to resolve the decay, the better!

Decay Allows Bacteria In

Think of tooth decay as a door through which bacteria can show up and enter your tooth. You don’t want this! You see, decay causes parts of your dental tissue to die and for a hole to form. When bacteria happily enter through this hole, they find their way to your dental pulp (which keeps your tooth alive and healthy). Their invasion and arrival leads to infection. If you ignore the need for a filling, you’ll probably end up needing endodontic care and a crown to address the infection. Not interested? Come in for your dental filling ASAP!

Decay Today, Broken Tooth Tomorrow

As we mentioned, the decay of your tooth destroys dental tissue. What was once a strong, whole tooth is now a compromised tooth with a hole in it, which is no longer structurally sound. Bite down on food in just the right way and boom! Your tooth may break. As you may have guessed, a broken tooth requires more than just a simple filling. Skip the broken tooth and the complex care and opt for a convenient dental filling instead!