Dental Bonding: 3 Details You Want To Know

When you discover the benefits of dental bonding, you will immediately realize that they are numerous! Bonding can help you deal with problems like staining, chips, cracks, gaps, and more. However, after you learn about the benefits, you may feel that there’s something of a gaping hole in your newfound education: What about how long the treatment lasts, what it feels like, and more? No problem. We are happy to fill in the missing details.

Detail #1: It Lasts A Long Time!

If you choose dental bonding, it’s going to provide you benefits that will last. When you brush, floss, and avoid bad habits (like choosing ice cubes as a snack), your bonded treatment will remain intact and beautiful for around 10 years or so.

Detail #2: The Process Is Comfortable

There’s nothing whatsoever to worry about if you’re going to receive dental bonding. It’s comfortable from start to finish and is a simple process. We will essentially paint the composite onto your teeth, shape it into the desired effect, then accelerate the drying and hardening process with a curing light. Comfortable and convenient!

Detail #3: Caring For Bonded Teeth Is Easy

You might worry that you’re going to have to be extremely careful with your smile now that you have received dental bonding. As always, we certainly encourage you to avoid eating anything that’s too hard, avoid abrasive toothpaste, and limit staining foods. However, your maintenance isn’t going to be any different than it usually is. You’ll brush (twice daily) and you’ll floss (once daily) with the usual products. Simple.

Find Out More About Bonding From Our Practice

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