Your Brushing: The Good, The Bad, And The Helpful Tips

Brushing your teeth seems very simple at first glance. Fortunately, it is a simple process that can help you attain and maintain exceptional oral health. However, when you’re feeling a little fuzzy on the guidelines and exactly what you should be doing, making it through a successful and relaxing dental hygiene session can feel exhausting instead of empowering. Not to fear: We are here to explain the good, the bad, and to provide some additional helpful tips.

The Basic Guidelines

When you’re doing your best to brush correctly, so your dental hygiene is successful, we can help you out. There’s nothing complicated about it. First, remember that your goal is to clean as much of your dental tissue as possible. Of course, the areas between your teeth you will clean with dental floss. Keep the following as guidelines:

  • Using your soft bristle toothbrush and fluoridated paste, clean the fronts of your teeth
  • Brush the backs of your teeth
  • Brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth
  • Brush every dental surface (even your tissue near your gumline)
  • Then, brush your tongue

The Things You May Overlook

If you overlook important dental hygiene details, your efforts may not pay off, so get ready:

  • Remember that you don’t want to press down hard or perform aggressive brushing (it will damage your smile)
  • Remember that hard bristles will never benefit your oral health

Some Additional Tips

Don’t forget that it’s normal to have questions about your smile and dental hygiene as you go along, so ask us! Even if it’s something you used to know or think is obvious. Of course, also keep in mind that you may use a manual or electric brush (it’s up to you).

Remember To Ask Dental Hygiene Questions During Checkups

If you have questions about dental hygiene or otherwise, remember that your checkups are a wonderful time to bring them up! Coming in as soon as possible if your teeth feel loose can help save your smile from serious problems. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.