Sleep Apnea: What You’re Risking

When you suffer from sleep apnea and you wait on seeing us for sleep apnea treatment, you’re putting many things in harm’s way. What are you risking exactly, when it comes to the more serious details? To put it simply: Your well being! Didn’t know that this frustrating disorder that keeps you from restful sleep can actually take a toll on your body? It’s true. Find out why it’s so essential to begin and keep up with treatment ASAP.

What Sleep Apnea Does

You might know that sleep apnea wakes you up, which is why you need sleep apnea treatment. However, you might not recognize what’s really happening to your body. Let’s run through the basics as a refresher. First, your throat tissues collapse. This means your airways are blocked and you cannot breathe. As a result, your brain “talks” to your body, saying, “Hey, you better wake up and breathe!” Then, you wake up, you take a big breath, and you fall asleep again. Did you know this could happen hundreds of times in a single night? Add that time up and your brain and body are missing out on essential oxygen for quite a long time. Since every part of you requires consistent oxygen intake, this can become a serious concern.

What’s The Problem?

You wake up and breathe, so everything is fine, right? Not quite. Continued oxygen deprivation for those minutes combined with a lack of sleep and fatigue can lead to one or more of the following problems that can put your health and your life at risk: You may develop high blood pressure, an increased risk for stroke, problems with your liver, the potential to deal with cardiac problems, and more. Avoid the side effects. Choose sleep apnea treatment instead!

Choose Sleep Apnea Treatment To Protect Your Health

Remember that treating your sleep disorder isn’t just for fatigue but also to keep your health safe. See us soon for care. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.