Is It Time For Teeth Whitening Yet?

When you need help with the health of your smile, there aren’t a lot of unknowns in terms of when. You know that you need to see us every six months for preventive care (or between visits if something is wrong). You know just how to care for teeth and gums and when. You also know that when you require a repair, we will tell you when you need it, which, in most cases, is immediately. However, when you’re considering teeth whitening for yourself, this “when” detail can often become quite confusing. How to know where to fit it into your life, you wonder? Our Celina, TX team can help with that!

When Your Smile Is Healthy

This may guide you toward realizing either that you’re ready now or that you may have to wait until later if you want teeth whitening. This goes for all cosmetic care treatments. What you need to realize is that the only smile that can receive any type of esthetic improvement through cosmetic dentistry, such as whitening, bonding, etc., is a healthy smile. If your teeth and gums are healthy today, then you can begin ASAP. Otherwise, call us to schedule a checkup, follow up with restorative care, and then it will be time!

When You Want It

Again, the factor that comes into play with teeth whitening is the simple detail that it’s not essential for your oral health in any way. So, it’s really up to you. The question is, when do you want it? If you want it soon, call us to schedule a visit. If you think you’d like to wait (perhaps you want to receive it closer to a special time, such as your wedding but that’s not for another year), then you may plan it around particular dates. Just remember: It’s best to come in sooner than later to ensure you don’t make assumptions about dates, only to realize you needed more time than you thought. Translation: Come in, so you can plan ahead!

When You’re Sure You Want Whitening

Patients often tell us they want teeth whitening because as far as they know, that is the sole solution available for brightening one’s smile. However, if you have not yet seen us for a cosmetic consultation, you may be overlooking the fact that something like veneers or bonding may actually be better suited to your needs. Good news: This is easy to determine. Come in! We’ll provide you with answers!

See Us To Learn About Whitening

Whether or not you know when you want teeth whitening, come in soon to learn more about it and to put a plan in place. That way, when you’re ready, you have already completed the tasks required to be prepared! Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.