Getting Through Your Orthodontic Treatment With Success

When you make the decision to receive orthodontic care for your smile, you are embarking on a journey toward a straight, balanced smile that will make your daily life so much better! Fortunately, as long as you keep your smile in good health, that amazingly straight grin can last forever! That is, assuming you get there. Today, our Celina, TX team highlights what it takes to easily breeze through the treatment you select for your smile alignment needs with success, as we answer common questions! Have more? Just let us know.

What If My Teeth Feel A Little Sore?

You may experience a bit of soreness when you decide to follow through on orthodontic care. This is absolutely normal because we are physically shifting your teeth into a new position. The good news is that by relying on modern systems, such as Fastbraces or ClearCorrect, you can expect minimal discomfort. However, should it occur, remember that it is passing, so you can temporarily eat softer foods until the issue subsides. You may also take an over-the-counter pain reliever! As for clear aligner trays: You may wish to begin a new set at night, right as you get into bed, so the transition happens when you’re sleeping! Enjoying comfortable care makes it easier to follow through!

Is Care Actually More Important Now?

You may hear it mentioned frequently that your dental care is extremely important now that you are undergoing orthodontic care. The truth is, it’s not more important but it is absolutely essential that you’re thorough with your care. As a result, you may need to place more emphasis on remembering to remain detail-oriented, since brackets and wires, or trays, require cleansing right along with your teeth and gums. Keep your smile safe, so you make your way through smile alignment with absolute success.

Can’t I Just Stop Flossing If I Have Brackets And Wires?

Nope! In fact, avoiding floss when you have Fastbraces in place can lead to gingivitis, which is not something you want! While you may assume food is no longer getting stuck between teeth or that you don’t really need to floss because brackets and wires are in the way, your requirements remain the same: Floss thoroughly every day! We will be happy to show you how.

Can You Really Tell If I’m Doing Everything You Suggest?

We really can! Don’t assume our team won’t know that you haven’t been wearing your aligner trays or that you’ve been skipping out on dental hygiene. We’ll notice and, neglecting your orthodontic care guidelines can slow down the process. So, choose to do a good job instead!

Make Orthodontic Care A Success!

Follow our suggestions exactly, when you decide to embark on orthodontic care for a straight smile! Remember that by adhering to our guidelines and keeping up with care, you can expect quick, effective improvement! Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.