Side Effects That Happen When You Avoid Cleanings

We don’t think that you have bad intentions when you’re choosing to stop coming in for dental cleanings. Instead, our Celina, TX team generally assumes that you don’t realize just how powerful this particular part of your preventive care can be and just why it’s so significant to practice consistently! To help you feel sure you’re on the path toward a grin that glows, thanks to stellar oral health, we’d like to remind you of those side effects that will almost certainly begin to take place, should you avoid cleanings over and over. Remember, getting back into good habits requires just a phone call and a visit!

You’re Brushing But It’s Not Super Successful

You’re brushing. You’re flossing, too. You’re doing your usual thing that we suggest for your preventive care. However, the longer you avoid coming in for dental cleanings, the more you realize that you’re not having a very successful go of things. This is because though you may be thorough, there’s always going to be some amount of plaque left. It will turn into tartar (your brushing and flossing cannot remove it), which promotes decay and more. Dental cleanings? They can get rid of this build up. Until you see us, though, you’ll end up putting forth lots of effort but it won’t get you the extraordinary results you want! Get serious about professional care and this issue will disappear.

You End Up With Bad Breath

When you don’t come in for your dental cleanings, you may think that everything’s going to be A-OK because you are quite diligent at home with your preventive care. Unfortunately, even if you’re doing everything you can do, you may still end up with bad breath! As mentioned, if you aren’t seeing us for our contribution to your oral health protection with cleanings and checkups, then bacteria-filled plaque and tartar are continuing to accumulate on your smile, which means smelly odors that contribute to unpleasant breath!

You Don’t Feel Sure About Your Oral Health

At first, you may feel like you’ve found a loophole! As long as you take good care of your smile at home, then you figure you probably don’t really need to worry about your dental cleanings! However, over time, as mentioned, plaque and tartar will build up. You may develop some staining and some unpleasant breath. Eventually, you won’t feel too sure about your plan or your smile health anymore and this can negatively impact your self-esteem. Stick with the care you need!

Revive Your Prevention With Our Help

Remember that providing yourself with the preventive care your teeth and gums require in order to remain healthy and beautiful is very simple. Just schedule your dental cleanings and checkups and brush and floss at home! Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.