Culprits You Didn’t Know Were Responsible For Discoloration

There are some very obvious culprits that spring to mind when you’re thinking about staining. What’s causing your discoloration, you wonder? Well, you figure it must be coffee or cocoa or marinara sauce, red wine, berries, cola, and the list continues. However, is that necessarily the case? What if you don’t actually consume any of these items? What if you think you’re being very careful, yet still, here you are with a yellowed grin and some serious hopes for teeth whitening? Of course, our Celina, TX team welcomes you to come in ASAP to discuss cosmetic care. As for what’s going on and where those stains are coming from, consider some new details of which you may be unaware!

Clear Beverages!

We know this may come as quite a shock … but many clear beverages can actually contribute to discoloration! So, how is it possible that you may find yourself wanting teeth whitening, primarily as the result of drinks that are pigment free, you wonder? Here’s the story: They may not be depositing pigments onto your teeth but anything other than water, from white grape juice to white wine and clear soda is very acidic. Acids eat away at your enamel. Damaged enamel becomes more susceptible to staining and when it’s quite thin, it’s easier to see the yellow dentin beneath.

Your Excessive Brushing

You may think that your brushing is going to help you prevent or remove stains (and daily brushing will help you keep your smile looking clean and bright). However, if you’re going overboard, the opposite will happen. Just like with acidic drinks, if you brush too hard, you’ll damage your enamel, making way for discoloration (and a hope for a whiter smile).

Daily Use

Guess what? It doesn’t take being a heavy coffee drinker, smoker, or raspberry jam enthusiast in order to develop a discolored smile. Instead, stains that will have you hoping for cosmetic dental care can happen to anyone. How? Why? Well, it’s a matter of daily use. Your teeth are white. They’re porous, too! While some of the foods you eat may be highly pigmented, others will be only moderately so. Over time, even if you’re good about your preventive care, some amount of staining is likely to transpire. So, don’t feel bad. However, if you don’t like what you’re seeing, do see us for teeth whitening!

Learn More About Stain Treatment And Prevention

Remember that when you are seeing a discolored smile in the mirror, our team is here to provide you with the teeth whitening you want in order to remove stains. To learn more, come in soon! Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.