Bruxism: What It’s Doing And How To Stop It

If you have never actually heard of bruxism disorder before but you are aware that you are dealing with a grinding or clenching issue, then now is the time to take action. Or, if we have mentioned to you that bruxism treatment is essential for your smile, again … take action! Why is our Celina, TX team so concerned about this functional issue, you wonder? Well, the problem is that it often seems like a minor concern but it can actually yield some pretty serious damage when it is left unaddressed. Find out more about what it’s doing to your smile and how to make it stop!

It’s Aggravating Your Jaw Joints

Remember that in order to move your jaw, you’re relying on your jaw joints. Remember that these joints also act as shock absorbers. So, if you’re grinding your teeth and moving them back and forth over and over, you’re overworking those joints. If you’re clenching, you’re causing them to absorb a lot of pressure that they don’t usually have to withstand. In short, we remind you that the longer you avoid bruxism treatment, the more likely it is you will aggravate TMJs and even end up with TMJ disorder.

It’s Damaging Your Teeth

This one will not surprise you, of course! When you’re grinding your teeth or you tend to clench them together, bruxism is causing a lot of tissue-on-tissue contact. Depending on the way your bruxism is going, you may find that you deal with cracked teeth, eroded teeth, broken teeth, chipped teeth, and the list goes on. Fortunately, you can avoid damage and the need for restorative care by seeking protective bruxism treatment instead!

It May Be Harming Soft Tissues

Did you know that you can end up damaging your gum tissue, as well? Remember that teeth sit within your gum tissue, so if you’re grinding and clenching, you’re causing a lot of irritation and aggravation.

It’s Leading You Toward Tooth Loss

Over time, by damaging your teeth and your gums, you can promote a much greater potential for tooth loss, when you leave bruxism disorder untreated.

Treat It With Us!

Not feeling too interested in damaging your smile? Come in to see us for a checkup, so we may talk with you about bruxism treatment, which is very simple (you wear a mouthguard to bed), comfortable, and exceptionally beneficial.

Come In For Bruxism Care

Let us know if you think you are dealing with a problem that may turn out to be bruxism disorder! Set up a checkup for a final diagnosis, as well as advice and comfortable treatment to protect your oral health. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.