Botox Treatment Can Help You Address Painful Teeth Grinding

People who grind their teeth throughout the night can struggle with pain during the day, particularly when they first wake up. The tension that you are unconsciously placing on your jaw joints and muscles can lead to problems with TMJ disorder, and it may result in undesirable physical changes to your teeth. Our Celina, TX dentist’s office can work with you to determine if this problem, known as bruxism, might be affecting you. We are able to help treat the matter with a special oral appliance that stops you from grinding your teeth and doing further harm. To help with ongoing discomfort, we can also recommend Botox treatment to relax your jaw joints and muscles.

A Teeth Grinding Habit Can Become A Serious Problem For Your Smile And Oral Health

When a person starts to grind their teeth while they sleep, it can quickly become a problem due to the pain this habit can cause. Waking up with feelings of tension, soreness, and pain in your face, along with dental pain or sensitivity, is hardly a good way to start your day! Unfortunately, this is habit can do more than just cause you to feel pain. Over time, the tension on your jaw can lead to TMJ disorder, which can make your bite movements painful while also causing you to experience headaches and other discomforts. There is also the risk to your smile – over time, your teeth grinding can wear down your enamel, and even chip or crack teeth!

How Can Botox Help Me Manage My Problem With Bruxism?

Through Botox treatment, your dentist can ease the tension on your jaw joints and muscles that bruxism can cause. This relaxation can make teeth grinding less common for you, and it can help you manage the pain you are under. Through this treatment, and by providing you with a custom appliance to keep your teeth protected against further grinding, we can help you move past your troubles.

We Can Provide Additional Support To Help You Move Past Teeth Grinding Troubles

Unfortunately, some people will wait to seek treatment for teeth grinding until they have already suffered dental damage. If your teeth look damaged, appear misshapen due to friction, or show signs of chipping and cracking, we can recommend cosmetic dentistry. If the damages are serious enough to impact your bite function or oral health, it may be time to discuss restorative dentistry.

Talk To Your Celina, TX Dentist About Using Botox Treatment For Teeth Grinding

At our Celina, TX dentist’s office, patients who are affected by teeth grinding can come to us for help. Through Botox treatments, we can reduce tension on your jaw joints and muscles that contribute to your bruxism, so we can help you move past the grinding and the discomfort it can cause. To find out more about how we can help, call Celina Family Dentistry in Celina, TX at (214) 851-0130 to schedule a visit.