What Does It Take To Successfully Restore A Cracked Tooth?

If you crack your tooth, the problem is not one that you can wait to go away on its own. Unfortunately, ignoring a dental injury can actually lead to the issue becoming worse, as your tooth can develop an infection or become further damaged. For a cracked tooth, you can reach out to your Celina, TX dentist for help. In order to restore the tooth permanently, we can place a dental crown over it. The crown can keep it safe against infection, protect it from further damage, and help you bite and chew the way you always have. If necessary, we can also provide a root canal procedure if there is a concern about an infection.

Cracking Your Tooth Can Be A Serious Problem

A cracked tooth is an issue that should be taken seriously. If the crack occurs in an area that people can easily see, there is a clear cosmetic issue to consider. However, you should not gauge the severity of the problem solely on how you look! A crack in any tooth can change your ability to bite and chew, which can lead to bite troubles that result in pain, and may lead to issues with teeth grinding. There is also the matter of infection – a crack in your enamel can give bacteria access to your pulp, which can lead to real problems.

Dental Injuries Can Lead To Infection

If a tooth becomes infected, it can start to hurt, and it can lead to some swelling. It also puts you at risk for bacteria traveling through the tooth to create new problems for your health. Until your tooth is restored with a root canal procedure, bacteria can continue to spread and do damage. If too much damage occurs, your only remaining treatment option could be to have the tooth removed.

Your Custom Dental Crown Can Offer Lasting Protection For Your Tooth

Custom dental crowns are designed to hold up against the considerable pressure our teeth face every day. This is to ensure that you can keep a tooth safe while continuing to bite and chew like normal. When we place a dental crown, we take care to measure your tooth in order to determine the exact size needed to fit comfortably. We can also talk to you about using an appearance-friendly restoration if your tooth is in a visible space.

Talk To Your Celina, TX Dentist About Restoring Your Cracked Tooth

Our Celina, TX dentist’s office is proud to make quality dental care available for people in our community. If you suffer a dental injury like a cracked tooth, we are here to help! We can make sure the matter is restored, and that you are not vulnerable to complications like infection. To find out more about our services, please call Celina Family Dentistry at (214) 851-0130.