Custom Treatment For Bruxism

celina bruxism treatmentWhen bruxism develops, you grind and clench your teeth on a nearly nightly basis, which could not only cause discomfort, but actually damage your teeth too. To bring relief and prevent damage to your smile, your Celina, TX, dentist could offer a custom and comfortable treatment with an oral appliance.

The Causes of Your Teeth Grinding

Why do we start grinding our teeth on a nightly basis in adulthood? The causes could vary. For some, this is related to high levels of stress in your daily life. For others, this could be the result of bite imbalance or strain on the temporomandibular joints, which connect your skull and jaw. The sources of this strain could include tooth loss, malocclusion, injury to your jaw or face, or problems with the jaw and oral structures that develop over time. As part of your treatment, we will carefully examine your smile with advanced digital x-rays and intraoral camera images, so we can identify the causes and offer the most appropriate treatment option.

Warning Signs of Trouble

You could have a significant other let you know that you grind your teeth at night. But there are also warning signs that occur during waking hours. For example, chronic headaches and migraines, pain in the jaw and face, aches in the neck and shoulders, and tooth sensitivity and toothaches are all common symptoms. If you encounter one or more of these possible symptoms in your day-to-day life, then please contact our team to schedule a visit and see if you need treatment!

Treating Your Bruxism

For some, treatment could involve correcting malocclusion with orthodontics, straightening the smile and easing strain as a result. For others, we could replace missing teeth with bridges, dental implants, or dentures to help restore balance to the smile. We could also help improve balance with crown placement, or through dental bonding and contouring. However, the most common solution is to prescribe a custom-made oral appliance.

The device will look quite similar to a mouthguard, and is worn as you sleep at night. The device is custom-fitted for a comfortable experience, and helps reposition the jaw to ease strain and tension. This also safeguards your smile against further damage by placing a barrier between the upper and lower sets of teeth. If you do have damaged teeth, we could use lifelike restorations to repair them!

If you have any questions, then contact our team today to learn more.

Talk To Your Celina, TX Dentist About Treating Teeth Grinding

Our team is ready to treat grinding and clenching, and fix damaged teeth too. If you would like to find out more about how we restore and repair your smile, then contact your Celina, TX, dentist, Dr. Ganjoor, by calling (214) 851-0130.