Flossing The Right Way

Do you think the correct way to floss is simply slipping the dental floss in between your teeth and quickly pulling it out? It’s not. There is actually a correct way to floss. If you don’t floss correctly, you can damage your teeth or gums. Also, if you don’t floss effectively, you are simply wasting… Read more »

What Is Gingivitis and Why Should I Care?

Gingivitis is a term that dentists and dental hygienists use when talking about gum disease. Gums form a seal with your teeth, keeping them tightly positioned in your mouth, and making sure bacteria cannot slip into your bloodstream. Healthy gums are pinkish in color, firm to the touch, and cling snugly onto each tooth. Unhealthy… Read more »

Stopping Periodontal Disease Before it Starts

Regular brushing and flossing habits, as well as regular visits to the dentist are strong foundations for good oral health. When these important steps are neglected, a film of plaque (formed by the natural interaction of bacteria, saliva and food particles) stays on the teeth, hardening into tartar deposits, and irritating and inflaming the gums…. Read more »

The Fight Against Plague

Why do parents constantly tell their kids to brush their teeth before they go to bed? Is it because they were told as children to do the same thing? Or could it be that they want to fight dental plaque along with trips to the dentist as much as possible? It is considered common knowledge that… Read more »

Dr. Ganjoor Recognizes National Dental Hygiene Month

October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Each year, dentists across the country take this month to focus on educating patients about proper dental hygiene. Dr. Angela Ganjoor understands that maintaining good dental habits can help you preserve the health and appearance of your smile. With a fun quiz, Dr. Ganjoor discusses tips for keeping your smile… Read more »