3 Things You Have In Common With Many Dental Patients

You may feel as though there are details associated with your smile, with receiving smile care, with your feelings about your oral health, and more that are highly unique to you. While it’s possible that some of this is true, our Celina, TX team often finds that a good portion of what you’re going through… Read more »

3 Ways To Approach Cosmetic Care This Winter

Depending on where you are within your cosmetic care journey and what you’re hoping to accomplish, there are some different pathways it may be time to take this winter (if you’re feeling like it’s definitely time to move things along). Since attaining a smile that’s more esthetically pleasing is always a hope that we are… Read more »

Goodbye, Halloween … Hello, Smile Care! 

Were you using Halloween as a marker with which to start making serious decisions for your smile care? If so, then it’s about time to get going with whatever it is you’re planning for your oral health, for the beauty of your smile, or otherwise! Keep in mind that the year is quickly coming to… Read more »

4 Times The Answer Is: Align Your Smile!

Sometimes, when you bring a concern about your smile to our Celina, TX practice, there are many answers to offer, treatments to consider, and approaches to sort through. However, in other cases, you will find that there’s a quick solution that takes very little time for us to match up with your needs or goals…. Read more »

Getting Through Your Orthodontic Treatment With Success

When you make the decision to receive orthodontic care for your smile, you are embarking on a journey toward a straight, balanced smile that will make your daily life so much better! Fortunately, as long as you keep your smile in good health, that amazingly straight grin can last forever! That is, assuming you get… Read more »

Fastbraces: Make It Even Faster!

Fastbraces sound exceptionally exciting when you first learn about them because they work so quickly! Even though you may have a bit of hesitation because you wonder if it could really be true, when you visit with our Celina, TX team you find out that in fact, this orthodontic system really can align your smile… Read more »

Why You Haven’t Considered Fastbraces Yet (But Should)

Are you a patient who has heard briefly about Fastbraces but, rather than following through once your interest was piqued, you decided instead that you wouldn’t even consider it. Why not, our Celina, TX team wonders? Actually. We have a pretty good understanding of the reasons patients often figure pursuing this accelerated smile alignment treatment… Read more »

Fastbraces: The Accelerated Treatment You Didn’t Realize You Needed!

If you haven’t heard of Fastbraces before but you have considered the fact that you would love a straighter smile (if only traditional braces didn’t take so long), our Celina, TX team may be able to help. By learning more about the details and considering the types of reasons you tend to shrug off orthodontic… Read more »

2019: Want A Straight Smile In The New Year?

Maybe last year you told yourself that you would come talk with us about how to straighten your smile. However, you didn’t. Now, you are looking at another new year and feeling upset because you really wanted an aligned grin in 2019. Perhaps you figure since orthodontics usually take about two to three years that… Read more »

Fastbraces: The Keep-Your-Smile-Clean Connection

Throughout the day, do you feel like you’re just having a hard time keeping your smile clean because food constantly gets stuck? Maybe you are a wearer of Fastbraces and, though you are successfully brushing and flossing, you still find that throughout the day, it’s so hard to keep your smile feeling like it isn’t… Read more »