Fastbraces: The Accelerated Treatment You Didn’t Realize You Needed!

If you haven’t heard of Fastbraces before but you have considered the fact that you would love a straighter smile (if only traditional braces didn’t take so long), our Celina, TX team may be able to help. By learning more about the details and considering the types of reasons you tend to shrug off orthodontic… Read more »

2019: Want A Straight Smile In The New Year?

Maybe last year you told yourself that you would come talk with us about how to straighten your smile. However, you didn’t. Now, you are looking at another new year and feeling upset because you really wanted an aligned grin in 2019. Perhaps you figure since orthodontics usually take about two to three years that… Read more »

Fastbraces: The Keep-Your-Smile-Clean Connection

Throughout the day, do you feel like you’re just having a hard time keeping your smile clean because food constantly gets stuck? Maybe you are a wearer of Fastbraces and, though you are successfully brushing and flossing, you still find that throughout the day, it’s so hard to keep your smile feeling like it isn’t… Read more »

How Not To Mess Up Your Fastbraces This Halloween!

One thing you definitely don’t want to do this Halloween? You don’t want to try to enjoy yourself but accidentally damage your Fastbraces. Then again, you really don’t want to miss out on the holiday and all of the yummy stuff that comes with it. Isn’t there some happy medium, you wonder? Of course: If… Read more »

Major Benefits Of Straightening Your Smile

You know that when you see other people that have beautifully aligned teeth, you have an emotional reaction that is somewhere in the neighborhood of jealousy or a bit of disappointment that you haven’t followed through on aligning your own smile! We understand. We also know that the reason you haven’t followed through just yet… Read more »

Fastbraces And Food: 3 Times To Be Super Careful

Yes! You are ready for Fastbraces and you couldn’t be happier. Within such a short amount of time, you’ll see your smile undergo an exceptional transformation from “okay” to “amazing.” While you’re very excited about visiting our Celina, TX practice to receive your treatment and you can’t stop thinking about how beautiful your future smile… Read more »

Summer Is Ending: Maybe It’s Time For Fastbraces!

Summer is coming to a close! If you had some serious plans for yourself or one of your adult children when it comes to addressing some smile alignment concerns, you might be thinking, “Oh no! Why didn’t I begin exploring orthodontic solutions at the beginning of the summer?” Particularly for adults like Mom and Dad… Read more »

Do I Need Fastbraces … Or Not?

What you likely feel completely sure about is that you want a smile that looks better. What you aren’t sure about is if you need Fastbraces or if you could actually just fix your concerns with something like bonding or veneers. Since sitting at home and wondering about this will not get you any closer… Read more »

Fastbraces: FAQs And Helpful Answers

When you hear about Fastbraces for the first time, you may notice yourself experiencing some serious relief. You really want to straighten your smile but the idea of a lengthy course of orthodontic care doesn’t sound like something you really want to deal with. However, just as quickly as you’re overtaken by an excited feeling,… Read more »

Fastbraces: Caring For Your Smile

One moment, you have access to your tooth surfaces without any obstacles. The next, you have triangular brackets on your teeth and they are connected to one another with a wire. As for the way you care for your smile now that you’re wearing Fastbraces, well … things can seem a bit confusing. The good… Read more »