Dental Bridges, Partials, and Full Dentures

Despite the unprecedented advantage modern dentistry affords us, there are still millions of Americans who experience the loss of one or more permanent teeth. While there are several reasons for tooth loss, the good news is that there are also several options for replacing missing teeth so you can rebuild your youthful, beautiful smile.

Dental bridges, partials, and full dentures are designed to address most patterns of tooth loss. For instance, a dental bridge can replace a single lost tooth or several adjacent lost teeth. Partial dentures are optimal when you’ve lost several teeth that aren’t adjacent to each other, and full dentures can rebuild an entire row of missing teeth. Regardless of your needs, your prosthetic will be custom-designed and hand-crafted by trusted dental technicians for the most lifelike function and appearance.

Supporting Bridges and Dentures on Implants

While modern bridges and dentures offer highly lifelike visual and functional results, only dental implants are able to preserve your jawbone after tooth loss by replacing lost teeth roots. One or more implant posts can be surgically placed in your jawbone, then used to support an appropriate prosthetic much like natural roots support your healthy teeth.

Learn More About Bridges and Dentures

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