Dental Implants: Ease Up With That Daily Pressure

No, we’re not talking about emotional pressure. When it comes to protecting the dental implants you have replacing your natural missing teeth, we’re talking about physical pressure. “But don’t teeth have to withstand some amount of pressure for eating and talking?” you ask. Of course, they do! Fortunately, teeth, implants, and restorations can withstand quite a lot but they are not superheroes. We remind you that just like we suggest for your natural teeth, we recommend that you’re mindful with implants to treat them well without asking them to perform beyond their capacity, so you don’t run the risk of failure. Allow our Celina, TX practice to fill you in on the simple details surrounding best practices.


Your Blood Pressure: What’s Sleep Got To Do With It?

Maybe you stop at your local pharmacy to try an automated blood pressure cuff and you’re shocked by the results: High blood pressure! Perhaps your doctor mentions to you that your pressure is a bit high. Whatever the case, when all other common causes aren’t really lining up with your experience, you may find yourself wondering what’s bringing on this hypertension. One potential cause that is often overlooked? Sleep apnea. Find out more about what’s going on and what to do. Sleep apnea treatment from our Celina, TX practice may be the key to addressing more than you realize is going on!


Do You Need To Be Concerned About Nighttime Teeth Grinding?

A clenched jaw is a recognizable sign a person is experiencing stress, or anger. In a single instance, you are not likely to do much harm by grinding your teeth. However, if you continually perform this act, you could wind up with real damage to your smile, and problems with TMJ dysfunction. How do people find themselves clenching their jaw so often that it causes oral health issues? Bruxism sufferers grind their teeth unconsciously while they sleep, and may have no idea that they are doing potential damage. You might notice something is wrong because you wake up with pain or sensitivity in your teeth, jaw joints, and face. During a routine dental checkup, your Celina, TX dentist can identify a problem by examining the degree of wear and tear on your teeth. (more…)

Bringing Kids In For Dental Care Before The New School Year

Summer may mark the end of the school year, making it a great time to bond with your kids. You may find yourself planning a family vacation, or setting up fun activities you can enjoy in the local area. One thing you should certainly do is think about how you can make sure your children’s health needs are addressed. You can make sure your kids are in good oral health by arranging pediatric dental checkups with your Celina, TX dentist’s office. We can provide a dedicated review of their teeth and gums, and provide an important cleaning. These visits are also a great chance to help younger kids learn all about the importance of smile care.  (more…)

Is Your Straw Hiding Something?

Consider the drinking straw. It’s a simple apparatus, with many good uses. Straws come in all sorts of bright colors, and can add convenience and decorative flair to the simplest drinks. For all the positive things about straws, they can sometimes be used to avoid facing dental issues. Yet trying to hide from problems will rarely make things better. There is usually a more satisfying result when there is honest conversation at exams and screenings, especially if you have noticed a change in tooth comfort. (more…)

Sleep Apnea Sufferers: Watch For Caffeine!

Yes, you know that it’s important that you can fall asleep at night if you’re in the process of getting your sleep apnea treatment into a routine, so you’re sleeping through the night. What you don’t necessarily know is that when it comes to actually getting to sleep, caffeine might get in the way. “But I don’t drink it right before bed!” you might say. Well, that’s a good start. However, you might need to look at caffeine in a new light if you want to really make sure you’re doing all you can to promote your sleep.


Do I Need Fastbraces … Or Not?

What you likely feel completely sure about is that you want a smile that looks better. What you aren’t sure about is if you need Fastbraces or if you could actually just fix your concerns with something like bonding or veneers. Since sitting at home and wondering about this will not get you any closer to the final answer, we have a simple suggestion: Come on in!


Implants: When You’ve Decided You (Probably) Want Them

Dealing with tooth loss is no walk in the park in the beginning. When you’re not fully informed about your replacement options for missing teeth, you can find yourself going through a whole host of emotions, feeling worried, and wondering what lies ahead. The fortunate news in the midst of this new experience is that we offer dental implants! The moment you catch wind of the details, you just might find yourself filled with optimism and some serious interest. You may even decide that you probably want them. However, you might not be sure about how to inch your way further on the matter. We’re happy to help.


Q&A: Can Snoring And Sleep Apnea Affect My Kids?

You know that snoring is quite common among adults. As you learn about sleep apnea, you know that this is also something that may potentially affect people in adulthood. However, what happens if you notice that the details you’ve learned about these sleep disorders seem to be presenting themselves in your kids’ sleep? Is this even possible, you ask yourself? If so, how to react? A handful of focused questions and answers will give you the guidance you’re seeking!


Great! I Have Sleep Apnea And Bad Breath, Too?

So, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Let’s go with the bad news first: If you are a sufferer of sleep apnea, it’s not uncommon to discover that a side effect is going to include bad breath you cannot seem to completely get rid of, though you may give it the old college try! Ready for the good news? Fortunately, we can offer help for both of these concerns. Even better? When you see us for sleep apnea treatment, you’re addressing the main cause of many side effects you may be experiencing, so you get back to sleep and you get your quality of life back, too!