Your Smile Care: What You Can (And Cannot) Control

It’s true, you cannot control everything. In fact, there are a lot of things that are out of your grasp of power! While this can feel frustrating in certain circumstances, we remind you that if you’re struggling with this realization in regard to your smile care, we can help. True, you could chip or break a tooth as a matter of happenstance. You could end up with a cavity even though you’re usually pretty good about your dental hygiene. Sometimes, things go wrong and for those moments, there is restorative care! However, rather than worrying about the stuff you may not be able to do much about, our Celina, TX team suggests you get excited about what you can control!


Sleep Apnea: Relationships You Don’t Realize You’re Affecting

You may already have a good understanding of the fact that your sleep apnea can have a strong impact on the relationship you have with your significant other. However, that doesn’t mean you have pushed yourself to consider all of the other relationships that you have and the fact that your sleep disorder may be taking its toll on those connections, too! Not sure what we mean or how that could be but you’re certainly open to considering our Celina, TX team’s thoughts on the matter? Good! Let’s get started!


Fastbraces: The Accelerated Treatment You Didn’t Realize You Needed!

If you haven’t heard of Fastbraces before but you have considered the fact that you would love a straighter smile (if only traditional braces didn’t take so long), our Celina, TX team may be able to help. By learning more about the details and considering the types of reasons you tend to shrug off orthodontic care when you secretly want it, you may come to the conclusion that a visit with our team to get headed toward your straight smile is actually a very achievable goal!


Cosmetic Dental Care: What’s Your 2019 Goal?

You likely have considered some goals for yourself for the new year, something that probably began in 2018 as the year was winding down and the idea of resolutions came to mind. Now that the new, lovely year is here, our Celina, TX team would like to know: What are your cosmetic care goals for 2019? Remember that anything you’d like to fix in regard to the appearance of your smile is fair game! As you take a look at our site and learn more from us during visits, you’ll quickly recognize that our services that cater to your esthetic hopes and dreams are extensive!


Want Implants In 2019? The Time To Start Is Right Now!

Are you hoping to say goodbye to those unsightly openings in your smile that are making it difficult to get through your day-to-day life? If you’re ready for teeth replacement and you feel ready right now … and you have decided that you’d like to set up a plan that includes the use of dental implants, then you may wonder when to begin. For individuals whose sole goal is to see their smile finished, complete, functional, and lovely all within this new year of 2019, then our Celina, TX team strongly suggests you start right now.


3 Popular Options in a Dental Emergency

The scary thing about some dental emergencies is that it can seem as though there isn’t much you can do. However, by seeking treatment as soon as possible, you’ll learn that you have plenty of options for addressing the issue, alleviating the discomfort, and fully restoring your smile. At our Celina, TX, dental office, we offer a wide variety of highly customizable restorations to help you successfully make it through virtually any dental emergency. (more…)

Resolutions for 2019: Dental Fillings Version

Ring out the old year, and ring in the new with some resolutions to benefit your smile. Even with the best brushing and flossing habits, and visits to your Celina, TX dentist on a twice-yearly schedule, you can still find yourself hearing those four little words: “You have a cavity.” The good news is, when cavities are caught early, they can be addressed with a tooth-colored filling, and your life can continue as usual. If you adopt a few dental resolutions, you might be cavity free for many years. (more…)

2019: Want A Straight Smile In The New Year?

Maybe last year you told yourself that you would come talk with us about how to straighten your smile. However, you didn’t. Now, you are looking at another new year and feeling upset because you really wanted an aligned grin in 2019. Perhaps you figure since orthodontics usually take about two to three years that you’re too late. Maybe you are feeling the sting of procrastination and wonder if it’s even worth it. Our Celina, TX team encourages you to think about the following fact: We offer Fastbraces, so we can likely put your concerns to rest and help you. Not sure what this means but you’re interested? Find out more!


Prevention Q&A: When You’re Quite Thorough About It

You may know from what we say that we offer comprehensive preventive dental care. However, when you hear us talk about prevention, you may not really know what we mean beyond the fact that you should be brushing and flossing at home. So, aside from our recommendations for your dental hygiene to protect your oral health, you wonder: What makes our care so “complete” and thorough? Our Celina, TX team would love to help you better understand the way we protect your smile with a quick Q&A session!


Sleep Apnea During Christmastime: Lists You Should Be Making!

How is sleep apnea impacting you this year during Christmastime? Are you already someone who has begun sleep apnea treatment with us and, as such, you know that you need to keep it up over the holidays? Or, are you someone who is fairly certain that you probably need to meet with us very soon to learn if treatment will help you but you just haven’t set up a visit with our team yet? Fortunately, whatever you’re expecting this winter, our Celina, TX team has some suggestions for you that will make things easier. More specifically: It’s time for you to write out some lists! Let’s get going!