On Eruptions Cysts, Celina Dentist Asks: What Would You Do…?

Eruption cysts occur when fluid gets trapped between the jawbone and gums, causing a hematoma that is visible when your teething child opens their mouth. Your Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, quizzes you to see what you know about eruptions cysts, and how you might deal with one.


Q1. True or false – A baby’s teeth form inside the jawbone before they emerge through the gums.

Q2. You see a brown, dark red, translucent, or bluish-purple bruise on your child’s gums, but they don’t seem upset and are playing happily. Do you:

a. Keep an eye on it

b. Call your pediatrician for advice

c. Hit the internet to find an answer from a parenting forum

d. Call your dentist

Q3. True or false – In rare cases, a major surgical procedure will be necessary when an eruption cyst traps a tooth below the gums.


A1. TRUE – Your baby’s teeth form inside the jawbone, in a fluid-filled protective enclosure. After full development is complete, the teeth will start to emerge through the bone, one at a time. However, when an eruption cyst appears, the joyous occasion can turn into a moment of panic. In cases of eruption hematomas, the protective enclosure from early development leaks fluid, right before the tooth erupts. This basically causes a bruise on the gums that is either translucent, bluish-purple, dark red, or brown.

A2. d. – Give your dentist a call when you see anything unusual with a child’s teeth or gums. Even if your child seems perfectly fine and is in no pain, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution. Conditions are always easier to treat when there is early intervention. It is likely that your dentist will put your mind at ease by telling you there is nothing to worry about, so keep your dentist’s number programmed in your phone, and don’t hesitate to call.

A3. FALSE –  After a few weeks, if an eruption cyst is persisting and the tooth hasn’t come through the gums, your dentist might opt to make a small incision to release the tooth. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is very minor

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