Why You Don’t Need to Fear a Root Canal

The term “root canal” has long inspired fear in many a dental patient, often without a person even understanding why he or she feels anxious. In reality, root canal treatment is actually designed to help protect a tooth from the need for an extraction, which would then require a prosthetic replacement tooth. So even if… Read more »

Can Cavities Really Be Avoided? Part Two

The percentage of American children and adults that will struggle with cavities is staggeringly high. The fact that nearly 90 percent of adults will experience cavities, can make preventing them seem hopeless. However, preventive care can help you effectively prevent cavities and other dental issues. It just requires diligence in maintaining a daily hygiene routine,… Read more »

Can Cavities Really Be Avoided? Part One

Most people get to their dental appointments hoping for a proverbial gold star and more importantly good news, that their smiles are healthy. Unfortunately, many patients discover that’s not the case. They learn that they have developed cavities since their last checkup. Studies indicate that almost 90 percent of adults will experience cavities, and that nearly… Read more »

Could You Get Geared Up for Graduation with Bonding and Contouring?

Will the hard work you have put in at school soon come to fruition? If this spring or summer will mark your well-earned graduation, you may be focused on planning your attire for the celebration, the party after the ceremony, or even your career goals now that school is coming to a close. Have you… Read more »