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In our last blog, we looked at how a cleaning protects smiles of all ages. But in the same visit we offer something just as important: We offer an exam! Dental examinations and oral cancer screenings are essential for preventing minor issues from threatening smiles. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about our… Read more »

3 Reasons To Protect Yourself Against Tartar Buildup

Our practice has opened and is once again helping patients take care of their smiles. While we are excited to help people in and around Celina, TX with their oral health needs, remember that there are measures you can take at home to effectively protect your teeth. With a good oral care routine in place,… Read more »

Our Commitment To Keeping Our Office Safe For Our Patients

Our practice is proud to serve the people in and around Celina, TX, and we are excited to begin providing dental care again. With that said, we wanted to address the steps we are taking to make sure our patients feel safe and cared for when they arrive, and when they undergo care. As we… Read more »

Drinking More Water Can Help You Manage Your Oral Health

If you want to take care of your teeth, your first impulse might be to reach for your toothbrush or take a piece of floss. While direct oral hygiene efforts are obviously important, you should know that you can also take care of your teeth by drinking more water. Water offers multiple benefits. You can… Read more »

The Autumn Season: Important Implications For Your Grin!

You could likely come up with a list a mile long, when we ask you about what you’re visualizing when we mention the autumn season. Chances are good there’s lots of food on that list, warm colors like rust and cranberry, the thought of feeling warm and cuddly, a handful of pumpkins, a smattering of… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Those Little Questions You’ve Still Got

When the topic of requiring a dental crown comes up, you probably immediately recognize that this means your oral health isn’t at its best, your tooth is damaged in some way, and you require our Celina, TX team’s professional care to make things better. However, in terms of the more complex details regarding the crown’s… Read more »

The Role Your Attitude Plays In Your Oral Health

Of course, there are many different attitudes you may have, even over the course of one day, toward your oral health. With that said, our Celina, TX team would like for you to take into consideration the fact that when you lean toward the positive end of the spectrum, choosing to feel optimistic, motivated, and… Read more »

It’s Too Late For The Smile I Want!…Right?

You may feel as though you’ve just waited too long to come in for the smile care you want. This can range from feeling as though you’ve missed out on maintaining a healthy smile that you can use for life to feeling that your dreams of a beautiful smile have passed you by. Whatever it… Read more »

Is It Time For Improvement? Consider Categories And Solutions!

What you may not know is what you need to do for your smile. However, what you probably do know is that you want to improve it. So, what’s the missing link, you wonder, and what if you don’t really know exactly what’s wrong but you have a general idea? Fortunately, our Celina, TX team… Read more »

Smile Changes: When You Should Call With Zero Hesitation

There are instances throughout your life during which you won’t know whether you should call us right away or if you should wait a little while. Maybe you’re thinking about seeing us for teeth whitening but you haven’t really considered your timeline yet. Maybe you hit your tooth with your coffee mug and it seems… Read more »