Using Advanced Lasers To Treat Your Smile

celina laser dentistry

We often employ advanced technology to help diagnose and treat smiles, including the use of digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. But did you know that we also employ advanced dental lasers? In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist will explain how we use three different forms of the Fotona dental lasers to address an array… Read more »

Could Botox® Treat Facial Discomfort?

celina botox

When you think about Botox®, you likely think about a treatment used to remove fine lines and wrinkles, improving the beauty of your face. While this is true, your Celina, TX, dentist could offer a solution for the jaw pain and headaches related to issues like TMJ disorder and bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) as well,… Read more »

A Customized Solution To Teeth Grinding

celina teeth grinding

When you grind and clench your teeth, this could lead to major problems with the health of your smile. You could even damage portions of your smile, causing major complications! However, your Celina, TX, dentist can provide a solution that doesn’t require surgery. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we treat teeth… Read more »

Halting Cavities With Silver Diamine Fluoride

celina sdf

Fluoride helps prevent cavities by strengthening the outer enamel, and a dental filling treats a cavity once one forms. But what about cases of demineralization that are beyond traditional fluoride, but not serious enough for a filling yet? In these situations, your Celina, TX, dentist helps with the application of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF).