Toothbrush Assumptions That Are Hurting You

You might be making some assumptions about your toothbrush that are perfectly natural things to think and to follow through on. However, they might be hurting you! Remember, there’s no one set of universal toothbrush characteristics that works for everyone, though there are some standards to consider. So, how to make sure you’re protecting your… Read more »

Dental Implants: Ease Up With That Daily Pressure

No, we’re not talking about emotional pressure. When it comes to protecting the dental implants you have replacing your natural missing teeth, we’re talking about physical pressure. “But don’t teeth have to withstand some amount of pressure for eating and talking?” you ask. Of course, they do! Fortunately, teeth, implants, and restorations can withstand quite… Read more »

Your Blood Pressure: What’s Sleep Got To Do With It?

Maybe you stop at your local pharmacy to try an automated blood pressure cuff and you’re shocked by the results: High blood pressure! Perhaps your doctor mentions to you that your pressure is a bit high. Whatever the case, when all other common causes aren’t really lining up with your experience, you may find yourself… Read more »

Do You Need To Be Concerned About Nighttime Teeth Grinding?

A clenched jaw is a recognizable sign a person is experiencing stress, or anger. In a single instance, you are not likely to do much harm by grinding your teeth. However, if you continually perform this act, you could wind up with real damage to your smile, and problems with TMJ dysfunction. How do people… Read more »