Can the Sun Make Your Smile Shine Brighter?

The summer season is one of smiles and sunshine, and though it may not seem so at first, the two are more closely related than you might think. When the sun’s light hits your skin, it stimulates your body’s production of vitamin D; an essential component of many of your body’s vital functions. One of… Read more »

Coffee and Your Teeth: Pros and Cons from Celina Dentist

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Some people drink their coffee with unabashed pride, while others are often embarking on a quest to get the coffee monkey off their backs. Is coffee good or bad in terms of your mouth and teeth? Celina dentist, Dr. Newton, will examine the pros and cons of coffee in… Read more »

Celina Dentist Says Popcorn Can Hurt!

When the smell of popcorn fills the air, thoughts of the cinema are sure to come to mind. Whether people are at home, or at their local theater, salty, buttery popcorn remains to go-to snack for movie watchers. Many problems seen at dental offices around the country are caused by this tasty, salty treat. What… Read more »

Celina and Prosper Family Dentist Celebrates Chocolate!

If you’ve ever doubted the magnificence of chocolate, you should know that the cocoa tree from which it comes is scientifically known as Theobroma Cacao, meaning “food of the gods” in Greek. Despite the many years of belief that chocolate tastes too good to be healthy, studies show that the sweet treat can actually help… Read more »

Prosper Dentist Explores Energy Drinks and Oral Health

Over recent years, the popularity of sports and energy drinks has skyrocketed. About half of the teens  and young adults in America drink energy drinks, and more than half consume at least one sports drink in a day. With boasts of increased performance, endurance, and energy levels, one can understand why these drinks are so… Read more »

Prosper Dentist Discusses Fish Oil for Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, affects more than half of the adults in the United States of America. It is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and has been associated with an increased risk for potentially-fatal systemic disorders, including stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Although gum disease is treatable, it is hard to detect… Read more »

Benefits of Breakfast

You’ve always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s true! This week, March 5-9, is School Breakfast Week, a promotion created by the USDA to raise awareness about the importance of breakfast, and the effect it has on children’s performances during the day. Whether your child eats breakfast at… Read more »