Could We Complete Implant Placement Same-Day?

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Dental implants often require a lengthy placement time, with months elapsing between placement and restoration. But what if your Celina, TX, dentist could make the entire process take only one day? In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the same-day placement process, and the benefits of choosing dental implants to address missing teeth!

Could Dental Implants Preserve Your Facial Structure?

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Tooth loss could mean not only issues eating and speaking, but could also cause an aged appearance! To prevent these negative changes to your facial structure, and also restore the function and beauty of your smile, dental implants may be prescribed. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about how we use dental implants… Read more »

Say Goodbye To Dental Implant Obstacles, When You…

As you think about dental implants, you may discover that at every turn, you recognize an obstacle is in your way. Due to this experience, you may find that you start to retreat, naturally assuming that these issues are insurmountable and that maybe it’s time to accept that you will simply need to choose something… Read more »

Processing Your Feelings: Tooth Loss

There are so many different feelings that might come into play when you experience tooth loss. While you may first view it as a negative experience, our Celina, TX team reminds you that in order to come out the other side of this moment in your life with a beautiful, healthy, and very functional, complete… Read more »

Why Your “I’ll Replace My Teeth Later” Is A Bad Smile Plan

You may think to yourself when the going gets tough and you just don’t feel like brushing: “Hey, I’ll just replace my teeth later in life! For now, I’m going to live it up!” We understand. The fact that we offer beautiful prosthetic dentistry options like dental implants and restorations makes it seem like you… Read more »

Want Implants In 2019? The Time To Start Is Right Now!

Are you hoping to say goodbye to those unsightly openings in your smile that are making it difficult to get through your day-to-day life? If you’re ready for teeth replacement and you feel ready right now … and you have decided that you’d like to set up a plan that includes the use of dental… Read more »

When Implants Seem Like A Huge Deal: Let Us Help

The more hype that comes your way about dental implants, the more you may start to think of them as something somewhat overwhelming. Sure, their benefits seem fantastic. However, you may suddenly worry that the lengthier process is just going to be too much for you. You may have so many questions that you feel… Read more »

Dental Implants: Ease Up With That Daily Pressure

No, we’re not talking about emotional pressure. When it comes to protecting the dental implants you have replacing your natural missing teeth, we’re talking about physical pressure. “But don’t teeth have to withstand some amount of pressure for eating and talking?” you ask. Of course, they do! Fortunately, teeth, implants, and restorations can withstand quite… Read more »

Implants: When You’ve Decided You (Probably) Want Them

Dealing with tooth loss is no walk in the park in the beginning. When you’re not fully informed about your replacement options for missing teeth, you can find yourself going through a whole host of emotions, feeling worried, and wondering what lies ahead. The fortunate news in the midst of this new experience is that… Read more »

Dental Implants: Who Can’t Have Them (Yet)?

Most people will be able to qualify for dental implants! However, that doesn’t mean that you qualify for them right now. “But why not?” you may be thinking to yourself. While a visit with our team is always the absolute best way to figure out how to create an implant journey for yourself, we are… Read more »