Considering An Implant? Pros & Cons of Mini Dental Implants

Are you missing one or more teeth? Having missing teeth in your mouth does more than impact the appearance of your smile — it also affects the function and strength of your teeth, making everyday activities like chewing, eating and talking more difficult. You have likely heard of dental implants as a solution for missing… Read more »

Toothache? 5 Possible Causes of Dental Pain

Are you experiencing a toothache or gum discomfort? There are many possible sources of your dental pain, the most common of which could be a cavity or inflamed gums. But your toothache could be signaling more than just your average cavity. Consider these possible causes of your pain and schedule a dental check-up to review… Read more »

What Should You Do in a Dental Emergency?

Accidents happen. With the nature of life’s ebbs and flows, it is inevitable that you will experience unexpected discomfort or trauma, such as a dental emergency. A dental emergency is an oral condition that requires immediate attention. Though dental emergencies are not life-threatening, they are often conditions that cannot wait too long for dental attention,… Read more »

How FASTBRACES® Straighten Teeth Faster

Have you refrained from correcting your crooked teeth because you don’t want to endure years of wearing braces? Traditional braces deliver great results, but many adults don’t want to commit to two or three years with a mouth of metal. Fortunately, there are now better braces — FASTBRACES® utilize advanced technology to perfect your teeth… Read more »