Q&A: Gum Contouring

You know all about dental contouring, of course, which allows us to remove bits of tissue from your teeth for a more appealing finish. However, how much do you know about gum contouring? If this is a new treatment to you (and you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to sculpt your gum tissue) then… Read more »

Do I Need A Gum Lift?

When you smile, if you feel like people see more gums than teeth, you may be a good candidate for the contouring that a gum lift can provide. A gum lift involves the careful removal and reshaping of gum tissue so that it frames the teeth in the most attractive way possible. After a gum lift,… Read more »

Why Does My Dentist Have a Laser?

We tend to associate lasers with slights of science fiction fancy or, if we’re fans of medical shows, with laser-assisted surgery. You may be surprised to learn, however, that your dentist also uses lasers to assist in a number of cosmetic and restorative treatments. Today, Celina dentist Dr. Newton discusses a few applications and benefits… Read more »

Celina Dentist Masters the Art of Gum Contouring

Gums provide the frame of your smile. They also seal and protect the sensitive roots of your teeth. You probably focus on someone’s teeth – their shape, their color – when they smile at you. When someone is born with uneven gums, or too much gum tissue, these smile characteristics are also liable to stand… Read more »

Celina Dentist Explains Gum Lifts

Our gums play a major role in the appearance and quality of our smile. Some people refer to the presence of an excessive amount of gingival tissue as a “gummy smile.” For people with this particular dental issue, teeth can appear small, almost like they belong in the mouth of a child. When gums are… Read more »