Is This A Craze Line? Now What?

Did you have a friend or loved one take a very close look at what appears to be a crack in your tooth? Did one of them respond with, “that’s a craze line not a crack” and now you’re not sure how to proceed? The good news is that if this is the type of… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Common Questions And Answers!

If you think that something is wrong with your sleep but you’re not entirely sure what, one good place to begin would be with our team! That is, once you consider whether sleep apnea might be the culprit. If so, then it’s most certainly a possibility that with some very easy treatment, you can get… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Good Or Bad?

If you’re unsure about whether it’s a good idea to choose teeth whitening (or a not so great idea), it can make it very difficult to make any progress in the direction of a brighter grin. We understand that it’s easy to assume this is some very black-and-white territory but that could not be further… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings Quiz: Why So Great?

What’s so great about scheduling a visit for a tooth-colored filling, you wonder to yourself? Well, there are actually a lot of answers to that question. If you’re not very familiar with this type of restorative treatment, then you are likely not informed about its benefits yet! See how much you know (or fill up… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Products: Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Them

Just like anything else, you want to get the absolute most from the smile health related products you’re purchasing for your smile. Unfortunately, it’s surprisingly easy to accidentally waste precious dollars on your dental hygiene if you’re not careful. The silver lining? Since we’ve seen this before and happen to know a thing or two… Read more »