Devoting Time To Preventive Technology

Uplifting Celina TX

At Celina Family Dentistry, your care is important to us. That is why we put the effort into bringing you technologically advanced dentistry. Prevention is paramount to the success of your smile, and new tools and techniques help us to catch diagnoses early. Digital imagery gives us the ability to notice concerns with less radiation…. Read more »

Advanced Dental Technology And Your Oral Health

Are you a dental daily care ninja? You know to brush properly, floss carefully and drink plenty of water. You limit sugary snacks and beverages. You’ve curbed your ice-crunching habit. These daily home habits are essential for strong teeth and a healthy mouth. Even the best home care routine benefits from access to advanced dental… Read more »

Modern Dental Technology for Greater Convenience and Comfort

Can you imagine going back to the days before we had smartphones, iPods, or even Facebook? You would survive, of course, but these are just a few examples of how technology benefits our daily life. At the office of Dr. Newton, we’re no strangers to the joys of technology. Our adoption of innovative and effective… Read more »

Afraid of the Dentist? Celina Dentist Discusses Helping Fearful Patients

About 75% of American adults suffer from dental fear or dental anxiety. Accompanied by feelings ranging from unease and nervousness to nausea and full-blown panic, dental fear and anxiety prompts many people to avoid visiting the dentist for years. Often, fearful patients wait to seek dental treatment until their oral health has reached a point… Read more »

Your Celina Dentist Discusses Latest in Dental Technology

It’s hard to believe that just 100 years ago, most people would eventually require dentures. As recently as 50 years ago, only a minute number of patients were fitted with braces. Today, not only are fewer people losing their teeth, but advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made teeth much whiter and straighter. Today, your Celina… Read more »

Dental Technology Can Save Your Smile!

Modern technology makes dental care more precise, more comfortable, and simpler. Advanced dental tools and equipment can help Dr. Newton evaluate details about your oral health and make more accurate diagnoses and treatments. Here’s how our special technologies can help save your smile. Detecting Oral Cancer At your regular checkups with Dr. Newton, she will… Read more »