How You Can Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

Are you hiding your smile behind your hand because of a damaged tooth? Do you have blemished, chipped, or misshapen teeth? Are you living with gums that are covering up what would otherwise be a brilliant smile? You may want to talk to your dentist about cosmetic dentistry. Although cosmetic dentistry’s main objective is to… Read more »

How To Cope: When You Hate Your Dental Floss

We have most certainly heard this story before: You hate your dental floss. You don’t really even want to look at it, which is why it stays in the drawer most of the time even though you’re very consistent with your brushing habits. As you probably know, when you don’t floss, you don’t make the… Read more »

Your Smile: What It Is (And Isn’t) For

You might not spend a whole lot of time contemplating the very purpose of your smile. Instead, you go about your day, using it as necessary, and appreciating it when you happen to take a very good photo. While we don’t encourage you to obsess over its deeper meaning, of course, we do suggest that… Read more »

FAQs: What’s With My Smile Sensitivity?

Finding yourself face to face with daily smile sensitivity can feel like a very scary place to be. Either you’ve been dealing with it for a long time and it’s starting to wear on you or it suddenly appears and you have no idea how to respond. The good news is that this is a… Read more »

Your Brushing: The Good, The Bad, And The Helpful Tips

Brushing your teeth seems very simple at first glance. Fortunately, it is a simple process that can help you attain and maintain exceptional oral health. However, when you’re feeling a little fuzzy on the guidelines and exactly what you should be doing, making it through a successful and relaxing dental hygiene session can feel exhausting… Read more »