Saving An Infected Tooth With A Root Canal

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When you start to notice pain or discomfort within your smile, it is time to talk with your dentist. A qualified dental health professional can help you to identify the cause of your symptoms with an examination during a checkup. Your oral health matters, and tooth pain is a sign that something needs addressing. You… Read more »

Do I Need To Schedule A Root Canal Procedure?

If you feel intimidated by the idea of restorative dental work, or root canal treatment in particular, you may hesitate to discuss an active concern like tooth pain or sensitivity. Letting a problem go on like this can be trouble for your dental health – eventually, an infected tooth can reach a point where it… Read more »

2 Truths About Root Canal Treatment

If you need root canal treatment and you look it up or talk to people about it, you are likely to hear quite a medley of rumors! If you talk with us about it, however, you will find that you’re all filled up with good, factual information that will actually make you feel fantastic about… Read more »

Why You Don’t Need to Fear a Root Canal

The term “root canal” has long inspired fear in many a dental patient, often without a person even understanding why he or she feels anxious. In reality, root canal treatment is actually designed to help protect a tooth from the need for an extraction, which would then require a prosthetic replacement tooth. So even if… Read more »

Quiz: Avoiding Root Canal Therapy

Have you been wondering what you can do to avoid the need for root canal therapy? First, it is important that you realize this helpful, effective treatment is comfortable and can save your tooth – if we suggest one, you can expect a wonderful experience. However, it’s also very beneficial to become familiar with the… Read more »

Facts and Myths: Root Canal Treatments

Do you currently need a root canal treatment to restore the health of your tooth and protect your oral health? Perhaps you are too uneasy about scheduling your visit because you have heard a lot of conflicting information about root canals over the years. We find time and time again that patients enter our office… Read more »

The Ins and Outs of Root Canal Therapy

Have you just found out that you need root canal therapy to restore your oral health? If so, a lot of things are probably going through your mind. First, you are likely in discomfort as a result of the infection occurring within your tooth or the damage that has harmed your dental pulp. Second, you… Read more »

Quiz: How a Root Canal Can Save Your Smile

Have you ever heard of a root canal? At some point, you’ve probably heard stories about his common and safe dental procedure. Often, a root canal is all that stands between you and possible tooth extraction. In fact, root canal therapy can help you maintain the health and stability of your smile.