Celina and Prosper Family Dentist Celebrates Chocolate!

If you’ve ever doubted the magnificence of chocolate, you should know that the cocoa tree from which it comes is scientifically known as Theobroma Cacao, meaning “food of the gods” in Greek. Despite the many years of belief that chocolate tastes too good to be healthy, studies show that the sweet treat can actually help… Read more »

Back to School with a Healthy Smile in Celina and Prosper

As the new school year draws near, now is the perfect time to ensure that your child’s oral health is at its best. Studies show that poor oral health in children can relate directly to poor academic performance and attendance. To help you prepare and optimize your child’s oral health, Celina and Prosper dentist Dr…. Read more »

Prosper Dentist Explores Energy Drinks and Oral Health

Over recent years, the popularity of sports and energy drinks has skyrocketed. About half of the teens  and young adults in America drink energy drinks, and more than half consume at least one sports drink in a day. With boasts of increased performance, endurance, and energy levels, one can understand why these drinks are so… Read more »

Oral Bacteria’s Strength in Numbers

We warn our children to beware of the company they keep to help prevent them from falling in with the wrong crowd. After all, the wrong influence at the right time can steer anybody into a harmful path. In a study published in the journal Microbiology, researchers at the University of Bristol have discovered that… Read more »