What’s So Great About Preventive Care?

Have you ever wondered why we are so insistent that you schedule your next appointment? Do you wonder why we encourage you to see us two times a year for a cleaning as well as a dental checkup? If you are fine with following our suggestions but you wish you had a better understanding of… Read more »

Quiz: Oral Cancer Screenings

How much do you think about your oral cancer screenings? If you don’t think about them very much but you do show up for your suggested dental checkups, then you’re doing your best to keep your smile healthy. However, if you pretend screenings don’t exist and you don’t come in consistently for twice-annual visits, you’re… Read more »

Dental Emergency: Are You Ready?

If you’re not ready for a dental emergency, you may find yourself out of sorts and frantic if you suddenly require dental care. However, if you are prepared (just in case something unexpected happens to your smile) then you can calmly contact us, while keeping your cool. Not sure how to get ready but you… Read more »

Get Your Filling Soon!

Do you need a dental filling? If your tooth is experiencing tooth decay and we have made a diagnosis, the answer to that question is a big, “Yes!” However, that does not necessarily mean you’ve gone ahead and scheduled your visit. If not, you may want to consider some reasons your hesitation (which may turn… Read more »